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Shiraz – Yasuj: Ruins, the House of God, and Mountains.

After almost one week spend in the lovely city of Shiraz to give Antonio’s knee a rest we hit the road again, this time Northwards towards the smaller town of Marv Dasht, situated next to the ancient ruins of Persepolis, which was our real destination. The road was flat, smooth and mostly with a wide shoulder. After a 2 hour climb to get out of Shiraz it all went downhill from there – literally, luckily, not figuratively. Around 22km from the city there was a nice foresty area with lots of pine trees (the first ‘forest’ we’ve seen in a […]

Iran Part 1 – Bandar Abbas – Shiraz

Our trip started great. A day before our scheduled departure we got a phonecall from the ferry company saying that the ferry we booked for got cancelled due to bad weather but that we could either 1) wait one week and catch the next one from Dubai to Bandar Lengeh or 2) Take one today from Sjarjah to Bandar Abbas. Not wanting to spend another week in Dubai we opted for the same day departure, but that meant that we had to be in the port in Sjarjah 4 hours later. The ferry ride was smooth, there was quite a […]

Farewell Dibba

After a few weeks of work – already with one half of my brain on the trip while the other half was still trying really hard to focus on work, which didn’t really go well judging by the number of lost/misplaced/disappeared items – we finally managed to leave Dibba. Which turned out to be easier said than done. We planned to go out with a bang, with an old friend visiting from overseas, a planned Zombie-themed party complete with fake graveyard next to the swimming pool and all (most) of our favorite customers invited. Instead, Musandam┬átried really hard to make […]