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Camping in Iran: from mudpits to five-star cityparks

One of the most daunting (well, for me anyway) prospects of the trip was the amount of (wild) camping we were going to do. Would we get discovered? Would we get harassed, robbed, or worse? Would we encounter dangerous wildlife? And what about staying clean? Like most worries in life, these turned out to be completely unjustified. Yes, we would get discovered – and consequently asked to get our picture taken. Yes, we would get harassed – with offerings of cups of tea and invitations to dinner. Dangerous wildlife – unless you count the scorpion accompanying us for dinner, not […]

Food of Iran

Rather than updating you with endless day-to-day accounts of our adventures in Iran (which would get quite boring) I will write a post about the different aspects of traveling in Iran on a bicycle. As perpetually hungry cyclists, the most important aspect is, not surprisingly, food. Persian Food Philosophy The first time we were invited to an Iranian home for dinner the conversation was, naturally, about food. We learned that Iranians have a rather unique (to me, anyway) thinking about food that I haven’t encountered anywhere else. It seems to be quite complicated and obviously I am no expert, but […]

Shiraz – Yasuj: Ruins, the House of God, and Mountains.

After almost one week spend in the lovely city of Shiraz to give Antonio’s knee a rest we hit the road again, this time Northwards towards the smaller town of Marv Dasht, situated next to the ancient ruins of Persepolis, which was our real destination. The road was flat, smooth and mostly with a wide shoulder. After a 2 hour climb to get out of Shiraz it all went downhill from there – literally, luckily, not figuratively. Around 22km from the city there was a nice foresty area with lots of pine trees (the first ‘forest’ we’ve seen in a […]