Enjoying Life. One Dive At A Time.

Farewell Dibba

After a few weeks of work – already with one half of my brain on the trip while the other half was still trying really hard to focus on work, which didn’t really go well judging by the number of lost/misplaced/disappeared items – we finally managed to leave Dibba. Which turned out to be easier said than done. We planned to go out with a bang, with an old friend visiting from overseas, a planned Zombie-themed party complete with fake graveyard next to the swimming pool and all (most) of our favorite customers invited. Instead, Musandam tried really hard to make […]

Give me a break – A new adventure!

Like many of  you, or I guess most people, I need a break. Although I have one of the best jobs I can imagine, it’s still a job and a girl needs to travel, right? Even if my job happens to be in some of the more beautiful/interesting/remote/fascinating environments in the world, it’s still a job. (Which, the girl that had been diving with us for two weeks and was now waiting for the same flight that I planned to take to my holiday destination clearly did not understand. “So you are going on a holiday in your holiday. That’s amazing!”. No, Muppet, I am going […]

I Forgot That I’m Famous

This summer I had a phone interview with a journalist from a UAE newspaper. It was all very awkward because I hate being in the spotlights, even if it is over the phone. Anyway, this interview resulted in a small article where they left the most interesting part out and spelled my name wrong. Then I forgot about it untill I cleaned up my laptop and came across the scan, so here it is.