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I Forgot That I’m Famous

This summer I had a phone interview with a journalist from a UAE newspaper. It was all very awkward because I hate being in the spotlights, even if it is over the phone. Anyway, this interview resulted in a small article where they left the most interesting part out and spelled my name wrong. Then I forgot about it untill I cleaned up my laptop and came across the scan, so here it is.

Would you like some ants in your curry, ma’am?

I just picked up a piece of popcorn that fell on the bed last night and ate it.This probably means that I’m a disgusting pig but itĀ also got me thinking about all the other disgusting food incidents that happened the last few years while living abroad. We used to get two meals a day in the divecentre I worked for, brought over from the local village. they were packs of rice and fish or chicken curry wrapped in paper. Very tasty, unless it was your lucky day and you got the curry with chickenfeet. Or chickenneck, which is basically a […]

HOT HOT HOT: Tips for diving in hot climates

Looks like we’ve survived the summer. It is September now and we’ve had a couple of months of hot, hot, hot, sticky hot weather and humidity, but we survived. Temperatures haven’t really dropped yet, it’s still 36-38 degrees during the day, although less humid so it feels less suffocating but at the same time it feels like the sun is burning stronger. Water temperatures are up to 28-30 degrees although there can be a sneaky 25 degree thermocline on deeper dives. Summer was not as bad as I thought it would be and it is amazing how fast your body […]