Enjoying Life. One Dive At A Time.


For the past three days we have been stuck in Blagaj, a tiny little town in Bosnia. Three days ago Antonio woke up and couldn’t move his back, neck or shoulders so I helped him get up while he yelped in pain. Then we rode 45km to the nearest campsite (where we had planned to go anyway). We have been there since. Well, no, we also visited Mostar to look at the old bridge and find a doctor. Looking around didn’t go too well as Antono couldn’t really look around, or up, or down. Finding a doctor was easy. The […]

Facing Harassment on the Road. Safety as a Female Traveller.

A week ago I got harassed by a man here in Albania. What happened was that I walked to the river we were (wild)camping at to wash myself and there was a man who beckoned me over, so I went to say hello. Like, you know, a polite person. After the usual awkward attempt of saying good morning without having a common language I told him I didn’t understand what he was saying, with a smile and a I don’t understand hand gesture. Mind you, what I described so far is an almost daily occurrence for us. Most people we meet […]

Who Let the Dogs Out?

As you might have gathered, I am more of a cat person. Dogs are not to be trusted. I like them best when they are not barking, not drooling, not moving and not stinking. Basically when they’re sleeping. Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of dog that you meet as a cyclist. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about bicycles that sends dogs into a wild, frenzied, blinding rage that literally makes them jump in front of cars just so they can chase you down the road. Maybe it is because our legs resemble slowly rotating sausages? Or because they think […]