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Meet The Disgustoids – The Glamorous Life of Cycle Touring

Fascinating what a trip like this does to your personal standards of hygiene. We (I) have turned into completely disgusting human beings. We regularly go without shower for five days in a row while cycling several hours a day. I am happy to wash my face & pits in the sink of a petrol station. Roadside peeing is a daily event. And the question “Does a cyclist shit in the woods?” needn’t even be asked. My nails have permanent black edges underneath them no matter how often I wash my hands – if I wash my hands at all. A […]

“My son is a big fan of Hitler”…wait, WHAT?!

Flashback to Iran. Everyone is great. The most hospitable people I have met in my life. Unexpected invitations to people`s homes and peeks into their family lives are sometimes so overwhelming that we are at a loss for words. But of course there is the one idiotic exception that leaves us speechless in a slightly different way. “My son is a big fan of Hitler”, said our couchsufing host. Antonio and I looked uncomfortably at each other, not quite sure we heard correctly. “He likes history a lot. Especially everything about Germany. He is a big fan of Hitler.” This […]

On our last day in Cappadocia it rained a little

Two weeks in Turkey

Since we took the train from Tabriz (Iran) to Turkey, we have been here two weeks already. Time for an update! Cappadocia After arriving in Kayseri in the wee hours of the morning, we decided to head straight for Avanos, one of the main towns in the area of Cappadocia, about 70km away. As we got closer the landscape slowly changed from flat to rolling hills to odder and odder mountain formations, until we could see some traces of the famous fairy chimneys that Cappadocia is famous for. The whole time we had been cycling within sight of the impressive […]