Enjoying Life. One Dive At A Time.

As of today, I’m no longer officially homeless. Yay!

Being homeless sounds very dramatic and immediately conjures up images of hobos dressed in rags sleeping under a bridge. While I don’t fit that image (I hope?) I have slept in lots of weird places last year and didn’t have a formal place of residence, which yeah, techinically made me homeless. But still, apologies for using dramatic stereotypes of homeless people as a clickbait-y title for an irrelevant blog. Now you’re here anyway, let’s talk about all the exciting things that are going on. I’ve never really felt homeless, because the sleeping-in-weird-places thing was entirely by choice and after that I had my […]

This Is Why I Can’t Relax (or how I fail to meditate, again)

The other day I downloaded one of these guided meditation apps on my phone, desperately in need of some peace and quiet after another night where my brain just wouldn’t shut up about money or the lack thereof, the future, me being a sad sack for living with my boyfriend’s parents, how I should really go for a run tomorrow, etcetera etcetera. Because we all have those nights, right? Right, so I downloaded the app. It carefully let me select my mood (worried, anxious and tired – I think there was a maximum of three) so it could better recommend a guided meditation. […]

Map Turkey

Finally, a Map!

For many travellers the adventure starts with a map. Spread out on the floor we dream over destinations with names we can’t pronounce. We follow rivers or mountainranges with our fingers, place little marks on places we want to visit. We have maps with pins that proudly display the places we’ve visited. I am a map geek. That’s why it’s weird that I only now made a map with an overview of our trip. I don’t know why it took me so long. For most countries we have paper maps with the route and campsites marked, but for some reason I […]