The Minimalist Home Spa: Tropical Island Edition

It is Friday morning, which means there is no diving (because one should go to the mosque and pray) which means that there is time for sleeping in, being lazy, and home spa treatments.

Home Spa? I don’t even have hot running water! Scratch that. Sometimes I don’t even have ANY running water!

So this particular Friday morning, in a stroke of brilliance, decided it might be a very good idea to boil some water, mix it with some cold water in a plastic bucket to still slightly scalding-but-just-bearable temperatures and wash my face with it.

There’s my version of a home spa: washing my face with hot water after I rubbed some oil on it (ever tried to wash oil away with cold water? Doesn’t work and just makes your face icky-sticky).

I feel so fucking clean now. It makes me admire my glowing face in the mirror. I actually woke up my boyfriend with the words “WOW feel how soft my face is!”

Also, I washed my feet. I actually scrubbed them with a brush and soap, which was an absolute necessity since I walk around bare feet 80% of the time and frequently tread on goat shit, dead frogs, mud and rusty nails. This foot-scrubbing should probably be part of my daily routine.

Again: I feel so fucking clean now!

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