As of today, I’m no longer officially homeless. Yay!

Being homeless sounds very dramatic and immediately conjures up images of hobos dressed in rags sleeping under a bridge. While I don’t fit that image (I hope?) I have slept in lots of weird places last year and didn’t have a formal place of residence, which yeah, techinically made me homeless. But still, apologies for using dramatic stereotypes of homeless people as a clickbait-y title for an irrelevant blog. Now you’re here anyway, let’s talk about all the exciting things that are going on.

At least this moving thing is keeping me busy.
At least this moving thing is keeping me busy.

I’ve never really felt homeless, because the sleeping-in-weird-places thing was entirely by choice and after that I had my lovely, lovely in-laws that let me live with them in Spain. Now I’m back in The Netherlands and moving in with my own parents, who are also moving to a lovely new small village that I don’t know at all. It is not something to be particularly proud of, to be 28 and living with your parents, but at least this infographic tells me that it is an increasingly common thing of my generation, which makes me feel slightly better about it.

I’m moving back with my parents because I am -again, like many of my generation- broke, full of doubt about my career path, struggling with insecurity and perfectionism and just need some time to sort out my life (and because it is better than actually being homeless). First world problems, basically. I’m very glad and grateful that my parents are happy to put up with me for a couple of months.

To keep myself busy during the post-travel black hole I started a new project. I won’t be working full-time in the dive industry for a while but I do miss it, so I figured that this will be a good project to stay in touch with what’s happening, and to keep writing, and talking about diving. It is also nice to have a platform to rant about diving.

 This is the project (click!)

It’s basically a community website for divers in Southeast Asia, whether they are local divers from the area or dive tourists. I hope people will share their knowledge about diving in the area and about diving in general. Or, as the ‘About’ page states:

Southeast Asia has a huge and active dive community, existing of locals that dive there, dive tourists that visit once or even return yearly, and instructors & divemasters from abroad that work in the region. Many of us are divepackersFor a community that has so many members, it is suprisingly tight-knitted. It is not unusual to bump into people you have met on a previous trip in a different location, or colleagues that you’ve worked with somewhere else. At we bring the community together through shared stories, knowledge and experience.

I am really very excited about this, and if you are a diver (beginner or experienced) and travelling/diving in/through the region, I’d love to hear from you over at We’re also on facebook, and when I say ‘we’ I really mean ‘me’ as ‘we’ are only just starting out and I’m doing everything by myself, so I really would like your input.

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