My name is Rosien. Pronounced as Rosie with an extra -n, not like Rosheen or whatever English speakers make of it. Most just call me Rose.

In the office
In the office

In a former life I was a library-bound, archive-dwelling, aspiring academic (I have a MA in Military History. Seriously) but now I work as a Scuba Dive Instructor in the most beautiful locations in the world. So much better. I still miss the books though.

Somewhere along the way I sold most of my possessions which allows me to travel anywhere with all my stuff in a backpack. I believe in owning less stuff, hence the name of this website, but I don’t write about it frequently. There are far better minimalism-writers out there. I still have a tendency to hoard books and fancy dresses, some of which are, admittedly, stored in a box at my parents’ place.

On the blog I write about life on a beach/in the jungle as a city girl, stories from underwater, encounters with some amazing people and anything else I deem worthy of mumbling about. At the moment me and my partner in crime are on a six-month cycling trip from Iran to Spain I am looking for a new challenge and a new job! (the cycling trip was awesome)

Feel free to contact me on twitter or by e-mail (webmaster@minimaliste.nl). I’d love to hear from you!


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