Enjoying Life. One Dive At A Time.

As of today, I’m no longer officially homeless. Yay!

Being homeless sounds very dramatic and immediately conjures up images of hobos dressed in rags sleeping under a bridge. While I don’t fit that image (I hope?) I have slept in lots of weird places last year and didn’t have a formal place of residence, which yeah, techinically made me homeless. But still, apologies for using dramatic stereotypes of homeless people as a clickbait-y title for an irrelevant blog. Now you’re here anyway, let’s talk about all the exciting things that are going on. I’ve never really felt homeless, because the sleeping-in-weird-places thing was entirely by choice and after that I had my […]

HOT HOT HOT: Tips for diving in hot climates

Looks like we’ve survived the summer. It is September now and we’ve had a couple of months of hot, hot, hot, sticky hot weather and humidity, but we survived. Temperatures haven’t really dropped yet, it’s still 36-38 degrees during the day, although less humid so it feels less suffocating but at the same time it feels like the sun is burning stronger. Water temperatures are up to 28-30 degrees although there can be a sneaky 25 degree thermocline on deeper dives. Summer was not as bad as I thought it would be and it is amazing how fast your body […]

Diving in the Musandam (Oman)

Finally the question that all of you have been asking….How is the diving in Musandam? To be totally honest, I didn’t come here only for the diving. The primary reasons I made my way to this little corner of the world were wanderlust, wanting to be somewhere different than Southeast Asia and because the deal with my current employer sounded (and turned out to be!) pretty sweet. The dive industry is, after all, not really known for paying high or even decent wages, so when the opportunity presents itself, you grab it. Well, the part about it being different is true. Compared to […]