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Four things I’ve learned from my scuba students.

Hurray! I have been an instructor for exactly one year now. Let’s celebrate and look back at the life-lessons I have learned from my scuba students in the past year (and hope they learned at least as much from me).     People will always come up with ways to surprise you.   Even when you think you’ve seen it all and are prepared for every possible scenario, one of your students will come up with something that just leaves you thinking “what…the…hell..??” Like my first Open Water student who decided that the best way to remove and replace her […]

Making Diving Not-Suck

Every time I hear a story about someone having a horrible first-dive experience my heart dies a little.     Being Rushed Unfortunately, these stories are more common than they should be. Last week, two girls stayed with us. One of them was diving, but her friend was not. She explained that she had a bad experience in Koh Tao (Thailand) for her Discover Scuba Dive (introduction dive which may or may not lead up to the Open Water Diver Course). Basically she got paired up with a couple of people that were already certified but hadn’t been diving in […]

Why Don’t You Get A Real Job?

“Why don’t you get a real job?” was what a friend of my parents asked. He was not the first to ask, and I’m sure many dive professionals have encountered this question at least once.   I like to assume that questions like this are asked with the best intentions or maybe just come from ignorance about what the job actually entails. In this (and many other) particular case though, it felt like judgment and was almost definitely intended as such. So here is, once and for all, the definitive answer.   I already have a real job. It’s called […]