Enjoying Life. One Dive At A Time.

What airports need

Yesterday I flew from Amsterdam to Valencia. After check-in and security, I had another 45 minutes to spare before boarding. I sat down in a comfortable chair and looked around. I wasn’t travelling to go on holiday. I wasn’t travelling for work either. Here I was, moving to a new country, with a backpack full of clothes and notebooks (and ok, five pairs of shoes), but without a home, a job, or money. Enough reasons to worry, you’d say. And I did. Obviously I’m looking all cool and collected on the outside, I am living the location-independent-feel-at-home-everywhere-millennial-dream after all. But […]

Packing Anxiety (or how to apply rescue diver skills to packing your backpack)

You would think that after 2 years of travelling & living abroad I know how to deal with something simple as packing.   Turns out you’re wrong.   The arrival of my brand new 5mm wetsuit the other day almost send me into a panick attack: How will I EVER fit that and ALL my other stuff in bags?!   Wait…packing? 5mm wetsuit? What’s going on?   I’m moving again! The new destination will be Oman. This is all very exciting and I’ve known for over a month. I just kept quiet because I was afraid that I would jinx it, but […]

Why I Don’t Write About Minimalism

Let me point out the obvious. This blog is called ´minimaliste´, yet I haven´t written about minimalism in ages.   That is because minimalism is not so much an issue in my life as it was before. It has become a new habit. It has become a new way of life instead of something I struggle with.   When I created I was in a big transitory phase in my life. Just after graduating from uni I started travelling, discovered something I love and then changed my life around to do what I loved for a living (which is […]