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This Is Why I Can’t Relax (or how I fail to meditate, again)

The other day I downloaded one of these guided meditation apps on my phone, desperately in need of some peace and quiet after another night where my brain just wouldn’t shut up about money or the lack thereof, the future, me being a sad sack for living with my boyfriend’s parents, how I should really go for a run tomorrow, etcetera etcetera. Because we all have those nights, right? Right, so I downloaded the app. It carefully let me select my mood (worried, anxious and tired – I think there was a maximum of three) so it could better recommend a guided meditation. […]

Would you like some ants in your curry, ma’am?

I just picked up a piece of popcorn that fell on the bed last night and ate it.This probably means that I’m a disgusting pig but it also got me thinking about all the other disgusting food incidents that happened the last few years while living abroad. We used to get two meals a day in the divecentre I worked for, brought over from the local village. they were packs of rice and fish or chicken curry wrapped in paper. Very tasty, unless it was your lucky day and you got the curry with chickenfeet. Or chickenneck, which is basically a […]

Living abroad is really hard sometimes

I have been living abroad off and on for the past three years now. I have been back in The Netherlands, but never more than a few months in a row and those months were more like a holiday / being-between-jobs (in the best possible sense of the word) than living there, if you know what I mean. You’d think I would have gotten the hang of it by now, but I struggle more than ever. Living in Oman has been a huge test for my patience, which was never really my thing to start with (ask my mom) and sometimes […]