Enjoying Life. One Dive At A Time.

First impressions of Oman

1. Arrival in the Dubai (United Arab Emirates). This city is insane. It consists for approximately 80% of highways in a big, entangled mess. An 8-lane highway in the middle of the city. Seriously? 2. There are a lot of really expensive cars that drive in really dangerous ways. Eek. 3. The border crossing into Oman (Musandam) is the easiest border ever. They don’t even stamp your passport! Which is probably a good thing, since mine is almost running out of pages. 4. The dive center where we’ll work is next to a Shell petrol station and a burger joint. Screw you, […]

Packing Anxiety (or how to apply rescue diver skills to packing your backpack)

You would think that after 2 years of travelling & living abroad I know how to deal with something simple as packing.   Turns out you’re wrong.   The arrival of my brand new 5mm wetsuit the other day almost send me into a panick attack: How will I EVER fit that and ALL my other stuff in bags?!   Wait…packing? 5mm wetsuit? What’s going on?   I’m moving again! The new destination will be Oman. This is all very exciting and I’ve known for over a month. I just kept quiet because I was afraid that I would jinx it, but […]

The Year in Review

Rule no. 1 for bloggers is that you should never ever apologize for it being so quiet here and not posting for a while.   So I won’t. (But I’m sorry, really).   Rule no. 2 for bloggers seems to be that, at the end of the year, you write a post to review one thing or another. So let’s join and review the past year.   The Good…   Does it make me sound like an arrogant jerk when I say my life is awesome? I don’t care: My life is awesome. Period.   Therefore, it’s a bit hard to […]