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The End – What Will Remain

So many thoughts, so many feelings, so many memories. We finished our trip two weeks ago and only now I begin to process all the experiences this trip has imprinted upon me. Like a treasure covered in a fresh layer of mud, it is best to wait for it to dry before slowly chipping away at the edges to uncover what’s beneath. When I first travelled – a month long solo train trip through Europe – I thought I would never forget anything that happened during these weeks. I really believed that. The experience was so intense, everything was so new, that I […]

Why We Cycle

“But…Why?!” In an age where almost everybody travels (or has at least has fantasized about doing so), the question of why we travel is almost never asked. When you announce that you go backpacking in Southeast Asia, or following the Inca Trail, or do a year of backbreaking work in Australia everybody just yells “That’s great!” while silently judging you for running away from something or being the cliche that wants to ‘find herself’ by screwing local beach boys in Thailand while getting drunk from a bucket (no judgement….no judgement….) The moment you announce you’re going to travel on a bicycle, though, […]

Are we the worst cyclists in the world?

I am glad to report that we are on the move again. Antonio’s neck is un-stuck, and after taking a bus and train from Mostar (Bosnia) to Ljubljana (Slovenia) to make up for the week we didn’t cycle, we are now in France. I was going to write that how, after nearly five months of touring and 6000km, we are really getting this whole cycling thing. But then I remembered how we left both our front wheels behind at the bus station when we had to change buses, and suddenly I am not so sure because what cyclist leaves half of their […]